I have known Tasha for more then 5 years. She has worked closely with me on many different projects: shopping, personal stylist, home organization, party planning and concierge style services. All of these have required attention to detail, and a great amount of trust. She has consistently exceeded my expectations. When choosing Tasha, you are not only choosing a talented professional, you are choosing an exceptional person! I am honored to write this recommendation, as I truly feel she is the best.
— Sandra
I don’t remember my life before TASHA! We have been working together for over 7 years. She has transformed my closet organization, evolved my wardrobe, and made seasonal shopping a pleasure. I have become dependent on my look book which makes getting dressed so easy and efficient for whatever occasion, event, or trip. Recently, she showcased her style vision in my home by redecorating and upgrading a few key pieces in our main rooms—amazing what a difference it made. She is simply fabulous in her approach and assessing what clients need in all aspects of their life!
— Pam
Tasha has given me confidence! I was so nervous before I met her for the first time; not knowing what to wear for our initial meeting—the minute I opened the door she put me at ease. She walked into my life, my closet, my home and my heart!!! She has this amazing way of putting you at ease and is so careful helping me to purge. The 90’s had taken over my closet. She put some finishing touches on my house and my look books are a life safer! I am looking forward to a long relationship with Tasha and am so lucky she has come into my life.
— Lori