Step one: Meet in your home and decide what to keep and what to consign. This is the beginning stage of building the vision of your wardrobe and our journey together

Step two: Meet in the stores and play with wardrobe fits and choices. This is where we curate your unique style based on you and your existing favorites.

Step three: Back to the closet we go! Here we bring in the new pieces from our shopping trip to meet your existing staples. Now we start building your “look book” capturing various outfits in photographs to keep you inspired throughout the season.




Here I will take a look at your itinerary and pack precisely what you need based on your plans. Each outfit will be coordinated and styled in a digital or hard copy album for quick reference. This can be done in a matter of hours for you, your husband and the kids - making your life seamless and stylish. 



Just as we like to come home and relax after a day’s work, our things breathe a sigh of relief when they return to where they belong.
— Marie Kondo

Here we clear the clutter and develop storage solutions for your must have seasonal items. We purge closets, bathrooms, playrooms, kitchens and garages. My motto is quality over quantity. I’m down for any project you can throw my way!



The details are everything. I work with people to bring their grandest visions to life. Whether it’s a masquerade ball at The Tampa Theater, poolside party in your backyard or an elegant baby shower consider me your go to girl. I’ll meet with you, chat ideas and go. The day of the party expect to see me setting up and once your guests arrive I slide out the side door so you can enjoy entertaining.